Timetable of our classes

Class Price - £7.75 per class (pre-payable in blocks of 6/7) - Booking is essential, please contact me on 07812 144 685 to book on a class or to discuss any issues you may have.

Classes are kept small and all equipment is provided. Please bring a small towel and a bottle of water. Wear something comfortable to allow you to move freely such as leggings or loose trousers (no Jeans). All footwear is removed but please wear socks.


Time Class Level
10:00am Pilates Beginner
11:15am Pilates Beginner
12:30pm Pilates Beginner
5:30pm Pilates Beginner
6:45pm Pilates Beginner
8:00pm Pilates Beginner


Time Class Level
9:15am Yoga Beginner
10:30am Yoga Beginner
2:00pm Yoga Gentle Yin
6:30pm Yoga Intermediate
7:45pm Yoga Beginner


Time Class Level
10:00am Pilates Beginner
11:15am Pilates 0ver 60yrs
5:45pm Pilates Beginner
7:00pm Yoga Beginner (over 12yrs)
8:15pm Yoga Intermediate (over 12yrs)


Time Class Level
9:45am Pilates Beginner
11:00am Pilates Beginner
13:30pm Pilates Beginner
5:15pm Pilates Beginner
6:30pm Pilates Beginner
7:45pm Pilates Beginner


Time Class Level
4:00pm Yoga Childs (5 -12yrs)
5:15pm Yoga Gentle Yin
6:30pm Pilates Beginner
7:45pm Equi Pilates Beginner


Time Class Level
9:00am Yoga Beginner / Improvers
10:45am Yoga Beginner

More classes are always being added so if there is not a class that suits you please contact us and we will be in touch as soon as the class becomes available.