Booking & Timetable

Booking your class

It is important to attend at least one class a week to gain any kind of benefit for health and wellbeing and you are 75% more likely to attend your class if you have booked in advance which is why we work in block bookings.

Benefits of block booking – you are more likely to attend therefore you will gain the benefits you are looking for. There is no messing around with money each week – you just turn up and your mat is there waiting for you!

You will move forward with the class as everyone attends their regular class the instructor can move the class forward and gradual progressions can be given each week . You will also get to know the other people in your class probably coming for similar reasons to your self so you will feel more comfortable with the person next to you.

What if I can’t make a class – that’s no problem as we have 28 classes per week so you can just pick a different class that week or maybe do an extra class the following week – we are flexible to help you keep up with your classes!

What if I can’t make the same class each week – that’s fine , you will just book you block of classes and you can float around between any of the 28 classes each week. This is a great option if you are wanting to do Pilates and yoga as you can mix and match as you wish.

Payment options

Working in 6 week blocks allows you more flexibility and choice with your classes. It also allows you time to pay for your classes as you will know the date for payment for when the next block of classes is due.

There are 3 different levels of class bookings:

Level Classes per week Cost per class Cost per month Cost per 6 week block
Bronze 1 + 1 extra per 6 weeks* £6.50 £31.50 £45.50
Silver 2 £6.00 £49.50 £72.00
Gold 3 £5.50 £68.50 £99.00

* This means you have 7 classes spread over a 6 week period when booking a bronze block. This is a great way to try different classes and gain more experience and health.

Timetable of our classes

Classes are kept small and all equipment is provided. Please bring a small towel and a bottle of water. Wear something comfortable to allow you to move freely such as leggings or loose trousers (no Jeans). All footwear is removed but please wear socks.


Time Class Level
10:00am Pilates All levels
11:15am Pilates All levels
12:30pm Yoga Over 50's
5:30pm Pilates All levels
6:45pm Pilates All levels
8:00pm Pilates All levels


Time Class Level
9:15am Dru Yoga All levels
10:30am Dru Yoga All levels
6:30pm Dru Yoga All levels
7:45pm Dru Yoga All levels


Time Class Level
10:00am Pilates All levels
11:15am Pilates Over 50's
5:45pm Pilates All levels
7:00pm Hatha Yoga All levels
8:15pm Hatha Yoga All levels


Time Class Level
9:45am Pilates All levels
11:00am Pilates All levels
12:30pm Vinyasa Yoga Strong
13:45pm Nidra Yoga Relaxation
5:15pm Pilates All levels
6:30pm Pilates All levels
7:45pm Pilates All levels


Time Class Level
10:45am Hatha Yoga All levels
4:00pm Hatha Yoga All levels
5:15pm Yin/Nidra Yoga Gentle
6:30pm Pilates All levels
7:45pm Yoga/Pil Mens


Time Class Level
9:30am Dru Yoga All levels

More classes are always being added so if there is not a class that suits you please contact us and we will be in touch as soon as the class becomes available.


Why not come and see for yourself!

If you have never tried Pilates or Yoga before this is a great opportunity to see if you like it before you commit to a block of classes. It’s also ideal if you have been practicing Pilates or Yoga and just want to come and see what we are all about , take a look at our beautiful studio and meet our instructors.

One trial class per person, any additional trial classes Will be charged at £7.75 per class.

To book onto your FREE trial class please text or call Tina or 07812 144 685 or email